Compact and durable.

The AGILE 150 system, part of a new generation of high performance glass panel sliding door accessories from DORMA Glas, combines versatility and durability with sleek European design. The AGILE 150 system operates on a compact track with the roller assembly hidden inside. The track can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or—for the sleek appearance of no track at all—recessed into the ceiling to give the appearance of an all glass sliding door. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the AGILE 150 system provides superior versatility in installation and maintenance. No glass drilling or machining is required for installation.


  • – Minimal gap

  • – Sophisticated track roller technology
  • – Reliable stop

  • – Elegant floor guide

  • – One system – many solutions

  • – No glass preparation necessary

  • – Long service life

  • – Convenient Syncro version