PURE Frameless glass walls brings a unifying elegance to the workplace.

Frameless PURE™ Glass Walls with Sliding Doors create simple, elegant fronts with extended transparent sight-lines. They work well wherever space is limited. A sleek top track and a small guide at the sill allow for a smooth transition between office and corridor. The track can be mounted overhead to the ceiling, recessed in the ceiling, or mounted to the outside of a wall. The track can also be attached directly to the surface of a fixed piece of glass.

Frameless PURE™ Glass Walls with Pivoting Doors come in different packages for different mounting configurations (ceiling mount or wall mount, for example), while a range of options allows you to tailor the glass wall system to your own interior design and physical requirements. The door features discrete patch fittings that blend with the metal track. Powerful door closers are hidden in the floor or ceiling—ensuring a clean look that blends the door with the fixed wall panels.