The first wall you will hardly see.

Maars has designed the lalinea partition wall together with the world’s best architects, with a minimalist design as our starting principle. The extremely slim, continuous lines of the top and bottom sections, the patented flush glass connections and the absence of vertical sections creates a high-performance double-glazed wall that is virtually invisible, therefore making any room unbelievably open and transparent.

With two patented design elements,  Lalinea door frames and concealed hinge hardware are the most elegant in the industry – they are sandwiched between two panes of glass, which give the system the appearance of all-glass sight-lines when doors are closed. The maximum transparency creates an unparalleled sense of freedom and space.


System Features

Minimalist bottom and top sections create continuous lines.
Super-slim floor and ceiling sections – less than 1″ thick.
Patented adjustable floor and ceiling connections.
Fully glazed T-connections.
Sound insulation value up to 48 dB possible.
Invisible door hinges –  unique pivot construction.
Door frames are concealed between both panes of glass.
Seamless connection to closed walls with metal, wooden and/or upholstered panels.
Profiles are available in anodized aluminum or powder-coated in any custom color.
Glazed walls can be combined with solid Maars walls, made from materials such as steel, wood, veneer, fabric and leather.