Incorporating details from the LaLinea architectural walls platform, LineaCube features double-glazing and flush-mount glass, which cleverly conceals door hardware, including jambs, frames and hinges. Additionally, the sleek, adjustable footer profile is among the most minimal of any wall system out on the market today. But perhaps the most differentiated element of LineaCube are the crystalline double-glazed corners – a signature detail resulting from the mitered glass edges and the absence of vertical profile components at the corners.

Minimalist design

Due to the absence of vertical profiles, even at the corners, LineaCube is completely transparent.

  • Lowest sections in the world with a height of only 22mm, / less than 1 inch
  • Continuous lining
  • Recessed and underlying ceiling
  • The walls and doors have flush glazing

LineaCube can also be combined with steel panels or one of the other materials from the vast selection of modular partitions & Living Options within the Maars collection.

High-performance Integrated Ceiling

LineaCube’s high-performance ceiling is contained within a minimal-form housing, inset into LineaCube’s double-glazed walls. This flush-glazing results in seamless lines and the appearance of crystal-clear transparency. The ceiling construction features:

  • Integrated indirect LED mood lighting along the ceiling contours
  • Controlable working climate vis-a-vis the concealed and fully integrated ventilation and air extraction system embedded in the ceiling
  • Direct lighting; spots or hanging lamps
  • Integrated sprinkler, fire alarm and/or movement sensors vis-a-vis steel ceiling construction or customized stretch ceiling
Ideal working climate

The lineaCube offers an ideal working climate thanks to the concealed and fully integrated ventilation and air extraction within the ceiling.

Acoustic properties
  • High sound insulation values up to 48 dB
  • Very good acoustic insulation with a reverberation time of 0.5 seconds. This has been demonstrated to be the ideal value
Modularity for tailored solutions

LineaCube’s planning flexibility enable an endless number of layout variants, from single-person refuge-spaces, to chains of phone booths, to freestanding conference rooms for 12 people, all within the following dimensions:

  • Height up to 10 feet
  • Depth up to 13 feet
  • Unlimited length
  • Option to integrate double-glazed design door or sliding door
  • Integrated hanging rail for accessories, such as absorber cabinets and paintings along the ceiling contours
  • Integration of Living Options, such as multimedia, sound panels, whiteboards
About Maars

Maars is the world market leader in the field of partition walls. Maars combines years of experience by effortlessly merging special innovation, aesthetics and performance. Maars offers both standard and customized solutions in, for example, offices, airports, factories, cinemas, shops and hotels. Also in the public sector Maars has been active and has taken the lead with applications including hospitals, public institutions, universities and schools.


Maars is continuously redefining partition walls. Better still, it develops partition walls that rise above all expectations. Maars reviews developments around the world with an open mind, looking for new ideas and opportunities. This leads to substantial inspiration and developments. Maars pushes the boundaries, continually making progress in the fields of design, soundproofing, multimedia and fireproofing. The integration of new high-tech systems and intelligent solutions in walls creates a wealth of new opportunities. Thus, Maars brings walls to life with the unique concept of Maars Living Walls. Maars is fascinated by the great influence that the environment can have on people. More and more is known about the inspiring effects of the space in which people live and work. Maars uses this knowledge in office environments, hospitals, schools, hotels and airports, based on its experience in these sectors. The result? Maars Living Walls offer unique opportunities for you to get a feel for your surroundings and the best from yourself. This is achieved by sophisticated integration of acoustics, air, light, sound, colour and images into the walls. By using the latest technologies, innovative concepts are being developed that create an environment which inspires, makes you perform better and feel safe.


The origin of Maars lies in a canalside house in Amsterdam, just after the Second World War. Here, in 1946, Mr. L. Maars Sr. (1910 – 1995) established the manufacturing and sale of fluorescent lighting fixtures with four employees. The company soon outgrew this building and inn 1960 Maars moved to a spacious location at the Deventerweg in Harderwijk. In the 1960s, the product range was expanded with ceilings, walls, Styleline partition walls and climate control systems. A full range of light, air, walls and ceilings thus emerged. Its success led to further expansion of activities. In 1974, the production of profiles, the basis for walls and ceilings, started in a new production facility at the Newtonweg. It was now even becoming interesting to develop activities abroad.

Mr. Maars junior became the director/owner in 1979. In this period Maars started to grow again. The range of products expanded and adapted at the appropriate time. At this time all production activities were brought together under one roof.
Maars has been a unified company since 1998, when Maars Production merged with Trade, Projects, and staff departments of the Holding (except P&O), (formerly located on the Deventerweg). The total production area has grown to 40,000 m2. In 2001, a management buy-out of Maars lighting systems took place. Also that year, Saint-Gobain took over the ceiling activities (API) from Maars. Since that time Maars has focused entirely on the partition walls.

Maars Now

For over 65 years, Maars has developed, manufactured, sold and installed flexible concepts for commercial buildings such as offices, schools, universities, hospitals, airports, hotels, showrooms and other buildings. The range consists of the whole ‘inner shell’ of a building and can be used in a flexible concept. All partitions are easily removable and repositionable. Maars focuses on the integration of functionalities in the partition walls, thereby offering a total solution. Maars is active in over 45 countries and has a worldwide network of selected dealers. The highest quality and the best services are guaranteed. 70% of turnover is exported abroad. The international organization has all departments in-house: product development, production, installation and after sales.