Lalinea by Maars features minimalist detailing and one of the highest sound insulation ratings of any double-glazed wall system.

Maars Panorama’s high flexibility is the result of a clever click-and-fix system. Each Panorama wall can be moved if a different layout is desired.
Moreover, this system makes Panorama fully compatible with other Maars partition walls. Elements for light, air, sound, multimedia and climate control can be integrated in a combination of closed wall elements, as well as cupboards, panels
and furniture elements.

System Features

This system is available as either single-glazed or double-glazed.
The steel top and bottom plinths are recessed.
The nominal wall thickness is 100 mm – approximately 4 inches.
The vertical connections between the glass panes can be joined with special glass tape or by means of convex concave glass. No vertical profiles or silicone compounds are needed
The door frames are made of steel or aluminium and 35 mm or 50 mm visible side designs are available.
Wall consists of windows placed in special adjustable ground and ceiling profiles.
Door frames can be joined by means of a patented click-and-fix system resulting in a 0-joint (hairline joint). Patented adjustable floor and ceiling connections.
Visible wall profile components are finished using an environmentally friendly powder-coat process in standard colors. RAL colors in satin or textured finishes are also available.

  • Transparent
  • Fully movable
  • Compatible with other Maars walls
  • High soundproofing levels