Maars developed the String² partition wall with two objectives in mind: maximum modularity and maximum integration capabilities. String² is also an ideal basis for creating a multifunctional Living Wall with integrated modules for light, air, sound, multimedia, climate control, cupboards, designer panels and furniture elements.

System Features
  • 4” thick walls
  • Steel framework can be painted to match any color
  • Compatible w/ Horizon, Panorama & Lalinea
  • Skin options include:
    • Laminate
    • Powder-coated steel
    • Fabric
    • Veneer
    • Back-painted glass
    • Perforated powder-coated steel
    • Living Options / Technology
    • Privacy Glass
    • COM
  • Double glazed glass walls
  • Pairs with sliding or swing doors
  • 1”+ adjustability tolerance
  • Acoustics range from 38-50 STC