The widespread move by companies to densify (cram more people into) open-plan offices provides for some interesting office-design possibilities. One new trend we have seen is the emergence of Collaborative Shelters – freestanding structures for the purpose of huddling, conferencing, or even breaking away from the open-plan to have a private moment to oneself, free from acoustical distractions.

Maars has seized on this trend with the introduction of LineaCube at the Orgatec 2014 Office and Object Trade Fair. Incorporating details from the LaLinea architectural walls platform, LineaCube features double-glazing and flush-mount glass, which cleverly conceals door hardware, including jambs, frames and hinges. Additionally, the sleek, adjustable footer profile is among the most minimal of any wall system out on the market today. But perhaps the most differentiated element of LineaCube are the crystalline double-glazed corners – a signature detail resulting from the mitered glass edges and the absence of vertical profile components at the corners.

Arenson Architectural_Products Maars Lineacube


LineaCube’s planning flexibility enable an endless number of layout variants, from single-person refuge-spaces, to chains of phone booths, to freestanding conference rooms for 12 people, all within the following dimensions:

  • Height up to 10 feet
  • Depth up to 13 feet
  • Unlimited length


Arenson Architectural Products Maars LineaCube


LineaCube’s high-performance ceiling is contained within a minimal-form housing, inset into LineaCube’s double-glazed walls. This flush-glazing results in seamless lines and the appearance of crystal-clear transparency. The ceiling construction features:

  • Integrated indirect LED mood lighting along the ceiling contours
  • Controlable working climate vis-a-vis the concealed and fully integrated ventilation and air extraction system embedded in the ceiling
  • Direct lighting; spots or hanging lamps
  • Integrated sprinkler, fire alarm and/or movement sensors vis-a-vis steel ceiling construction or customized stretch ceiling
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