A series of luxuriously upholstered seating geared towards the first class of Public Seating. This novel design polarizes and fascinates at the same time, boasting a dynamic forceful character, claiming everyone’s attention through its almost opulent aesthetics. Even in large halls characterized by a prominent architectural style, this seating immediately captures the eye. Designed for lounges, executive floors, art museums or private hospitals – it is impossible to resist its highclass design as well as its unparalleled comfort level. A new standard in Soft Seating.

Design at its best. The aluminium side parts serve the double purpose of construction and design elements. Optimum stability is achieved through the organically shaped reinforced centre of the side parts; its design is inspired by bionics, mimicking branching, as found in nature. Seat and back are made of two separate monobloc parts, covered in either leather or fabric. The matching occasional tables feature either a pure white glass or a solid oak table top, building a high-class suite.