At first glance, FORm_office is a sophisticated benching system with personal appointments that make working at it a pleasurable experience. The other side of the story is inside the bench where superior cable management, technology accommodations and rugged superstructure exist.

Since 2009, over 20,000 positions of FORm_office have been sold in North America, making it one of the top selling open-plan furniture product lines in the world.


  • Sophisticated technology management options with highly flexible cabling and power delivery
  • Slide out work surfaces expose access to raceway
  • Work surface extensions and returns provide extra space for working or storage
  • Signature end profile with client-selected finish inserts
  • Wide array of privacy options for the desktop
  • Modular above-work surface storage units
  • Below-work surface storage elements with various drawer options
  • Unlimited length of bench run