Hum is an adaptable solution that works in tight spots and out in the open. Hum delivers for individual needs, for different working teams, and for whole organizations.

The unique convex shape of Hum’s height-adjustable worksurface subtly defines a natural edge to your space while encouraging hosting. Collaborate without crowding.

Box Terraces

Hum’s box terrace creates a private alcove for the worksurface. Depending on work types, the box terrace offers more parking space for projects, or more private space for personal items. On top, inside, or underneath, whatever works for you. Hum’s elevated terrace lifts reference items up off the primary work surface. Work is visible and available but not in the way.

See Me Screen

The See Me screen is designed in response to social signals. It creates a visual boundary that filters distractions without isolation. Its openness enables instant observation and communication with others when our eyes shift focus.

Meet Me Space

The Meet Me space provides a meeting place for the mini meetings that occur throughout the day, reducing the need to leave the workspace. Start a chain reaction.