The ID Chair Concept caters for the various needs in the office: Based on the newly developed FlowMotion platform mechanism, the system provides more than 8,000 options for customisation to suit the individual user, while always remaining essentially the same chair in look and construction – with all the benefits this brings for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

The FlowMotion mechanism with various functions, armrests and bases, plus a wide range of colors and covers means that each and every user and company can find “their” own ID Chair – be it for an open-plan office, for individual or team offices, for conference areas or for management offices.

The three basic types of the ID Chair Concept

The ID Chair Concept consists of the three basic types ID Mesh, ID Soft and ID Trim, each of which has different backrests. The backrests are available in several heights, and head or lumbar supports can be added. The synchronous mechanism FlowMotion features various functions, various armrests and bases, as well as a wide range of colours and covers so that every user can customise their very own ID Chair.

#1 ID Mesh

ID Mesh embodies technical transparency and lightness: The innovative braided fabric fitted over a sleek frame is translucent and open like a net – while also being soft like a thin cushion. The Diamond Mesh cover facilitates air circulation, ensuring comfortable sitting over long periods, even in warm temperatures. ID Mesh can also be fitted with a coat hanger or headrest.

#2 ID Soft

The fully upholstered backrest ensures a high level of comfort, with clear lines giving ID Soft a formally discreet, unobtrusive appearance. As a result, ID Soft blends in well within different architectural environments. The ID Soft backrest is height-adjustable, thus helping to support the upper shoulder region – even for very tall users.

#3 ID Trim and ID Trim L

The compact padding of the ID Trim backrest conveys a sense of classic elegance and quality handcraftsmanship. The sandwich construction with integrated lumbar support provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest while being almost as slim-line as a mesh backrest – offering an alternative to both of these construction types. ID Trim L with its high backrest offers an alternative for management areas, with additional support provided for the neck region.