With its mobile and modular structure, Joyn adapts spontaneously to changing demands and technologies. It initiates new, productive forms of work based on communication and co-operation.

The decisive factor for planning a Joyn configuration is the number of required workplaces. This determines the number and size of platforms to be used. The Joyn platform is the central unit of the system. With a wide range of practical accessories and sophisticated solutions for power access and wire management, Joyn is an extremely flexible system that can be easily reconfigured. Joyn is simple to use but as sophisticated and complex as the problems it helps to solve.

The Joyn platform is complemented by a number of additional products: the Single Bench and Single Desk for individual work, the Conference Bench for meeting areas, and microarchitectural elements such as Hut, Bay and Talkpoint.

Joyn is designed for the dynamics of a contemporary office. As the space allocated for each workplace is flexible, Joyn creates a whole new approach to office planning: The same configuration can facilitate both high and low density use.