MASHstudios creates site-specific workplace environments. Our products are never out-of-the-box and no two designs are alike. Every project reflects the unique culture, brand, and needs of our clients.

Thier design and manufacturing processes are fine tuned, and we place great importance on our craft. From design and engineering to upholstery, every MASHstudios team member comes to the table with their distinct experience and skill set. Working together, they create products that exceed clients’ expectations and are always true to form, as well as function.

Client Engagement

MASHstudios views every new project as an opportunity to evolve the common workplace. Working as a group and guided by the tenets that define MASHstudios principles, they study their client’s culture, clarify their needs, and pinpoint specific goals and unique interests. “ Our clients come to us because they know our product won’t come out of a box. It will be innovative, sustainably produced, beautiful, and lasting.”


They experiment with form, massing, and materials, finally taking their best design ideas through a rigorous and effective development process. Once a consensus is reached, their engineers finesse the details. Most ideas are tested on prototypes where they tweak details and materials, and alleviate fussy and unnecessary elements that can interfere with execution and functionality.

Production and Installment

When MASH is confident that their product is ready, they oversee the production and installation of the finished work to ensure that it surpasses the highest standards. MASHindustries, their full-service millwork/cabinetry fabrication and installations team work together to fabricate your most challenging projects on time and budget without sacrificing quality.