“Arenson Prop Center is an East Coast film industry institution.  It is impossible to do my job as a set decorator without them.  For decades they have been my solid go to vendor.  They understand what the job entails and always make a true effort to provide what is needed – most importantly on time and within budget. Arenson delivers!”

Beth Kushnick
Set Decorator


“I have been a big fan of Arenson Props Center from day one. Not only do they have a huge inventory of well chosen furniture, cleared artwork, and lighting, but their customer service is unparalleled in the industry. The staff is knowledgeable, resourceful and a pleasure to work with, as they take care of all of your prop needs and even make sure you are well fed! Set decorators, stylists and the NYC film/television industry are lucky to have Arenson Props Center, and I honestly could not do my job without using them as a main resource.”

Andrew Baseman
Set Decorator


“Arenson Props has been providing the furniture for our annual event at the Museum of Modern Art for almost a decade. Every step of the process is easy and stress free from the attentive customer service to the punctual and organized delivery and pick-up. The furniture is always in pristine condition and beautiful. With all of the details that one must worry about for a large event, this is one where I’m at ease because I know the furniture will arrive on time and look great.”

Ileana Montalvo
Director of Events
Association of Independent Commercial Producers


“I am a set decorator for films and television and have been doing business with Arenson Prop Center for over 25 years; visiting the showroom at least once a week. The company has an amazing inventory and if they do not have what you are looking for in stock, they will order it for the customer; getting the items to the store faster than you may think imaginable. The salesmen are all extremely knowledgeable and lovely to work with. I have had a wonderful relationship with all of the personnel and always enjoy visiting. Arenson Prop Center has been an asset to me throughout my career, always providing me with exceptional service.”

Janet Shaw
Set Decorator


“Arenson Prop Center is a great source for a contemporary look. With the option of multiples, various styles & color choices, Arenson is a first stop for the modern day office, as well as residential furnishings. A great group who are always more than helpful, the staff makes going to Arenson a true pleasure. Beautiful people!!! Love them!”

George DeTitta Jr.
Set Decorator


“I have been working with Arenson Prop Center for my entire career in photography, commercials, film and television. They have always been a fantastic resource for all types of furniture from traditional to modern – from Chippendale to Bauhaus. And their selection of office furnishings and quantities are beyond compare.  The sales team will all go out of their way to find the perfect piece or quantity needed.  And they are always patient and cheerful even under the most stressful circumstance. On our show “Person of Interest”, we couldn’t do our job decorating sets without Arenson Prop Center.”

Caroline Ghertler
Set Decorator
Assistant Set Decorator “Person of Interest”


“Customer service at Arenson is remarkable. The staff has gone above & beyond in helping me get what’s needed for my sets. And that’s if I am at the door waiting for them to open or asking them to stay a minute late to do a last minute pick up. And it’s always with good grace and a calm word and smile!! I am very grateful they are always there for all of us set decorators. A big thank you to them!!”

Susan Bode Tyson
Set Decorator


“Arenson has been a valued source for set decorators since the days of renting office furniture from Carl. The wonderful staff at the Prop Center helps me get through every job with a friendly smile and a can do attitude. Miracles do happen, and nothing is impossible at Arenson! It is a pleasure to do business with them.”

Ellen Christiansen
Set Decorator


“As a set decorator, I have been relying on Arenson Prop Center for over 15 years for my work on feature films, television shows and commercials. Not only do they provide fantastic set dressing pieces that can’t be found anywhere else, but their service is beyond compare– if I can’t find it, they will search out what I’m looking for and have it delivered the next day.  The pace at which TV is produced is one of the biggest challenges we face as decorators and all the folks at Arenson understand that and really bend over backwards to accommodate our last minute (and often ridiculous) needs.”

Sara Parks
Set Decorator


“I have been a customer of Arenson Prop Center since the day they opened. From the beginning, they have performed miracles. Arenson’s extensive inventory of furniture has gotten me out of many of bind…and when they don’t have something they find it.  From every day to high end, Arenson has consistently had the pieces I need to create great sets.  Without them, my job as a Set Decorator would be tremendously more challenging.”

David Schlesinger
Set Decorator


“I do not have to think very hard about giving praise to Arenson Prop Center. The customer service I receive year after year is always beyond superb. Whether I have rental or sale questions or needs after sale and rental support, the staff has always taken the time to help with my prop needs with detailed answers and with speed. Along with an incredible line of stock and with the window of time I have to prop the show, Arenson is always there front and center to accommodate the production.”

Jim Balzaretti
Property Master
Saturday Night Live


Always available
Reasonably priced
Energetic staff
No nonsense knowledge of furniture
Service beyond reproach
Ongoing inventory
Nice to work with

Les Bloom
Production Designer, Set Decorator


“The amazing team at Arenson is like my secret weapon! They never fail to come up with options I can use when the schedule is tight, and I need quick choices.”

Leslie Rollins
Set Decorator


“By far the best source for office furniture in NYC. The staff is amazing!”

Richard Devine
Set Decorator


“Arenson Prop Center has incredible longevity in the ever changing Film and Television business. With an ever pleasing staff and wide range of set decoration, it is no wonder. The rental choices are endless and the condition and quality are top notch. I consider Arenson Prop Center the leader in our field.”

Ron von Blomberg
Set Decorator


“In the crazy world of Set Decorating, with the answer to the question “when do you need it?” almost always being yesterday, vendors who say “No problem!” make this Set Decorator’s job possible. Arenson Prop Center says just that and delivers! I shutter to imagine my job without Arenson Prop Center, our go to source for office furnishings. Arenson offers a wide range of office set dressing, including casegoods, seating, lighting and cleared art, from traditional to contemporary and modern, in good repair with multiples often available. Equal to the importance of “the goods” that they stock and those that they can get quickly is their extraordinary willingness to service our demand for an ever more reasonable cost with less and less time to make it happen. They can, they do and they smile! Sincere thanks to Arenson Prop Center for their part in helping me to get those sets up and running in ‘no notes! ‘”

Sheila Bock
Set Decorator