New York – Chicago – San Francisco

The tale of three cities. The 12fold project tells the story of what happens when client satisfaction meets growth. 12fold is a data-driven real-time marketing company, whose offices have been continuously growing over the past year. One of the challenges of an expanding company, is to provide for their current stage of operations, but also the potential growth within each of their offices. The story started in NYC, with a 32 person office, which was furnished with refurbished Morrison workstations and Office Star seating. Within one month, the install was complete. Through regular follow-ups additional workstations were easily obtained to accommodate growth.

Soon after, 12fold were outfitting an office in Chicago, and later on, another office in San Francisco. After Arenson’s thorough job on the New York office, 12fold contacted Arenson to see if they could bring the same quality job to offices in multiple cities. Arenson Corporate Rentals’ wide network and knowledge within the industry gave us access to reliable resources in both cities. In Chicago, Arenson contracted Conklin, one of the largest used furniture sellers in the U.S., to furnish 12fold’s eight (now 20) person office. In San Francisco, ABM Office Solutions, a refurbished furniture seller, was contracted to furnish San Francisco’s 30 workstation office. Arenson’s long-time relationship with Office Star, allowed a timely delivery for both sites. Knowledge of different electrical requirements across the three cities, allowed Arenson to easily select and equip the spaces with appropriate specs. Arenson’s ability to manage three projects across three multiple cities, accounting for reliable resources, installers, and code requirements, left the client completely satisfied.

Still, our work with 12fold continues…