Urban Edge Properties is a real estate investment trust, who sought a sleek, elegant, and functional headquarters  in N.Y.C where they could go to market with their concept of “cutting edge” development of commercial retail space. One of the primary challenges in this wrap around site was creating a functional space despite the preponderance of columns. The designers, the Switzer Group, worked closely with Arenson’s Office Furnishings and Architectural Products divisions in creating a coherent visual aesthetic between its parts. The customized Knoll Graham finished in wood veneer used in the private offices mimic the large and elegant mass of the walls selected by Switzer. In contrast to the granular texture and mass of the walls, Arenson’s Architectural Products provided Dorma’s lightweight glass partitions to leave the core and outer offices of this wrap-around site open and visible.

A memorable feature is the custom built and site specific wrap-around executive desk, which was installed and cut-around a column on site. The desk is a 3-section desk with varying surface grade directions and a grain to grain match along the separate parts to create a seamless fit. The brass edge and hardware detail match the custom built coffee table a few feet away.

Additional features include the conference and board rooms furnished with Prismatique conference tables in glacier white corian and brushed stainless steel. The seating used throughout the site are from Knoll’s ergonomic and classic collections.