Since the company’s founding in 2007, architects and interior designers worldwide have selected NunoErin products for contract installations at venues including hospitals, airports, commercial lobbies and major restaurant and hospitality chains.

As people interact with NunoErin’s solid-surface furniture objects, it responds to energy within the body through a wide variety of sensory light behaviors. The playful form of engagement featured in this collection has widespread appeal that transcends ages and demographics, while connecting people with each other and their environment in new and uplifting ways. 

The uniqueness of these products in terms of promoting touch and play and their appeal across all age groups inspired company founders, Nuno Ferreira and Erin Hayne, to explore their potential application as therapeutic equipment for use within the speech, occupational and physical therapy trades. Working in collaboration with Beyond Therapy, a month-long equipment utilization research study was conducted to determine the value of NunoErin products in helping therapists provide therapeutic and educational services to children with special needs.

In September 2012, NunoErin installed a Thermosensitive Stool and Touch Panels and an Interactive Light “Sparkle” Bench in Beyond Therapy’s “Snoezelen Sensory Room,” where physical, occupational and speech therapy services are administered. During the month of October, Beyond Therapy therapists incorporated the use of this equipment into their routine training and education with patients. Sessions lasted one hour on average, and instruction included “fine motor” (use of smaller muscles in hands, handwriting, depth perception, problem solving, cause/effect, etc.); “gross motor” (use of larger muscles to sit-up, roll-over, crawl, walk, etc.) and speech and language training. More than 50 patients ranging in age from 18 months to 7 years participated. Participating therapists maintained a journal in the room and made routine entries as patients responded (positively or negatively) during their sessions.

Patient/Therapist Response

The response from participating patients and therapists alike was overwhelmingly favorable. The newness and attraction of the technology piqued their curiosity, captured their attention and served as a major motivational tool.

The NunoErin equipment enabled children to ‘visualize’ therapist instruction and desired outcomes, and provided real-time visual rewarding feedback – thus increasing their ability and desire to learn. For example, children learning to walk heel-to-toe could correlate their movement to the sequence of ‘advancing’ as the Bench lights changed color with every step.

The equipment enhanced the in-session ‘play’ experience, making it more fun and enjoyable for the child and more productive for the therapist. Patients remembered their experiences with the equipment and were eager to return for their next session.